What’s the deal with Crafternoon?


Every Thursday Ms. April, the manager schmanager, wants to hang out with your kids and make cool crafts at Kazoodles’ Crafternoon! We like making crafts because kids are naturally creative and learn a lot of great skills in the process of making something they can be proud of. Cutting with scissors, drawing and gluing all help with fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. Creative problem-solving skills are usually deployed during craft-time. Kids develop an interest and appreciation for visual arts when they start to understand the process behind it, too.

Ms. April is a graduate of Vancouver School of Arts and Academics and believes in exposing young people to new outlets of expression. She uses positive language to encourage exploration of the materials and tries to assist kids in creating their own vision of the end product. In other words, it’s okay to draw outside the lines, and YOUR ideas are interesting. Crafternoon is a drop-in activity every Thursday between 3 p.m.- 5 p.m. We like drop-in because some kids might want to take a long time with their project or create multiples, and showing up later is just fine. We ask for $2 per child for help with supplies. The projects are great for ages 4 and up, and parents are encouraged to help the younger ones if they need extra help. Older kids can try more elaborate ideas.

We try to work in some products we carry so you can see what it’s like out of the box, but we also put an emphasis on recycling materials into beautiful things. Ms. April likes to go to a cool place in Portland called SCRAP to collect recycled supplies, as well as saving all those tin cans and toilet paper rolls and egg cartons. If you have anything to donate, please let us know!


Here’s what we have planned for the next couple of months:

  • April 11- Tissue Paper/Pencil tip Pointillism. We’ll cut small squares of tissue paper and twist them around a pencil. Add a drop of glue and stick the little pop of tissue color onto cardboard.
  • April 18- Rock Painting- Apply paint to a boring ol’ rock and make it your own fancy schmancy rock! Klutz has a great book with ideas to make your rocks look like animals and bugs and other stuff.
  • April 25- Tiny Toy Battle- Today we transform popsicle sticks into tiny bows with Q-tip arrows. We’ll also make catapults and decorate them. With parent consent, we will then have a tiny yet glorious battle.
  • May 2- Shaving Cream Marble Painting-  Shaving cream is a great medium for art! Put a few colors on the surface of a tray filled with shaving cream and swirl them around. Next put paper down to make a cool marbleized print.
  • May 9- Bubble-wrap Printed Picture Frames-  This is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, so we’ll keep it (somewhat) of a surprise.
  • May 16- Mask Making and Parade-  We’ll use various techniques to create our own unique masks. Kids who are in the store at 5 p.m. can join in an awesome conga line around the store wearing our masks, just for fun!
  • May 23- Watercolor with Crayon Resist- This Crafternoon will be heavy on the open-ended side of creating art. We’re not as focused on having a finished product as we are on having fun with watercolor paints and experimenting with wax crayon resist techniques.
  • May 30- Wikki Stix Play Day- Wikki Stix are a great USA-made creative toy; they’re basically a colored string covered in non-toxic wax, which make them super bendable. You can make 2-D designs and do tracing with them, or you can take it 3-D and make cool sculptures.
  • June 6- Creature Bots-  We’ll be trying out a kit from Creativity for Kids, one of our suppliers. These are cool robot/monsters that make cool actions.
  • June 13- Small Recycled books- Use all different kinds of paper materials to make little books that can become journals, comic books, adventure logs, address books, you name it! Make a story for your Dad for Father’s Day!
  • June 20- 3-D Rolled Paper Craft/Twirly Q’s- Little strips of paper or corrugated cardboard get all coiled up and turned to one side to make really cool designs! We’ll look to Klutz for inspiration.
  • June 27- Fairy houses-  This has been a very popular activity at Kazoodles in the past. Based on the book series from Lightbeams Publishing, we’ll use all natural materials such as sticks, leaves, moss, pine cones and other seed pods to fashion a home for the fairies. We’d love contributions of materials for this craft. Come in to the store and check out the books for ideas ahead of time!
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