Introducing Play Perks: Our Way to Say Thanks!

We like to think of Kazoodles as a family. But besides the kids, the employees, and Luka the store dog, are the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends who all keep our little store open. All of you are part of the big, cozy family that we call Kazoodles.

To thank you, genuinely and profusely, we’re launching a brand new program that will give a little something, or a big something, back to our customers. Please join me in giving a warm welcome to the brand new Kazoodles Play Perks program!


Starting June 1, Play Perks will give back to the wonderful people who keep our doors open. So what do you wonderful people get back for shopping at Kazoodles? A big gift certificate with your name on it, and a chance to win free toys. Yes, you read that right: FREE TOYS.

The program is simple. When you sign up for Play Perks, you get a little card with six boxes. Every time you shop at Kazoodles, we’ll write down your total in one of the boxes, then file the card away in our Play Perks box. When you come back in, grab your card and bring it up to the register to fill in another box.

Once all six boxes are filled in, put on your party hat and slip on your dancing shoes, because it’s time to celebrate! We’ll add up all six boxes, then take 10% of the grand total and give it right back to you on a gift certificate. You can use that gift certificate for more fun toys in the store!

But that’s not all. At the end of our first week of Play Perks (that’s June 8) we’ll put all the cards into a drawing and pick one winner. That winner will receive a full refund of their purchase. Yup, you read that right again: FULL REFUND. That means you can win free toys on your way to earning free toys.

Again, this is all a big way to say thank you. Really, this store belongs to all of us; to the employees, to the customers and, of course, to the kids. Come celebrate the love and joy we all share and create together. Come play with the whole Kazoodles family!


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