[Stump the Kazoodlers] Snow Days and Skype Play

Welcome back to another thrilling edition of Stump the Kazoodlers! After last week’s inaugural challenge, the Kazoodlers walked away unscathed, ready to tackle a harder shopping challenge. This week our customers up the ante with tough trials that test our toy talent. Will the Kazoodlers rise to the occasion? Or will they finally be stumped?

Round 1: A 6-year-old Girl; Bookworm and an Artist; Likes Girly Things and Games
This challenge comes from Amber Tuggle, who gave us the challenge over Facebook. Thanks, Amber! Let’s see what we can do.


  • Metro the Little Dog”: $9.99
    Local author Susie Slanina’s “Metro the Little Dog” series explores the love between a woman and her dog, and details their adventures from backyard to big city to wide-open wilderness.
  • “Ramona”: $6.99
    Beverly Cleary’s timeless “Ramona” series is sure to strike a chord with any young bookworm.
  • “Ivy and Bean”: $5.99
    Annie Barrows’ “Ivy and Bean” series chronicles the friendship between quiet, intellectual Ivy and rambunctious Bean, two 8-year-old girls growing up in the suburbs.
  • “Clarice Bean”: $5.99
    English author Lauren Child explores ethical and social problems through the perspective of Clarice Bean, a young girl trying to understand it all.
  • Sidewalk Games: $8.99
    More than just hopscotch, this sidewalk games kit teaches several classic games to play outside.
  • 20 Things that are Fun to Do at a Sleepover Party: $6.99
    This set of games and activities will provide plenty of active fun for any celebration with friends.
  • Stick ‘n Style Fashion Flowers: $17.99
    Make headbands, bracelets and necklaces with sticky foam and sparkling jewel pieces. These crafts are easy to make and will definitely delight the little princesses in your life.
  • Mini Mandala Designer: $9.99
    She can make her own mini mandala creation with this easy-to-use kit. Each mandala kit comes in a different theme, including “horses” and “romantic.”
  • Book in a Box Kit: $28.99
    This ingenious kit from Seattle company Eye Can Art can show her how to write and illustrate four accordion-style books.

Round 2: Young Grandkids; Live Far Away; Communicate on Skype
This challenge comes to us from a customer in-store who was looking for fun ideas that she and her grandkids could do while talking on Skype (that’s an online video communication program, for those unfamiliar). She wanted something more engaging than just looking at each other — she wanted to play with the kids. This was a toughie, but we were up to the task.


  • Silly Hats: $19.99
    Costumes items, like our chicken and King Tut hats shown here, are a great way to inject a healthy dose of wackiness into a Skype conversation.
  • Fake Moustaches: $3.99
    Whether you’re an old-west villain or old-timey detective, a fake moustache always comes in handy. The pack of six sticks comes with a variety of ‘staches that stick on and remove easily for repeat Skyping.
  • Mad Libs: $3.99
    Mad Libs are a timeless classic that kids of all ages tend to love. Send one to the grandkids and keep one at home, then take turns filling in the zany blanks.
  • Wee Sing: $9.99
    Wee Sing offers songs to listen to and sing along with. Turn your conversation into a sing-along and bond with the power of music.
  • Finger Puppets: $6.99
    Either you or your grandkiddos can stage a theatrical masterpiece, right at the tips of your fingers. Stage finger-puppet Hamlet or a completely original work.
  • Finger Puppet Theater Stage: $34.99
    Once you make your masterpiece, bring it to the stage with this adorable finger puppet theater. Turn on the webcam, draw back the curtains and it’s show time!
  • Fancy Finger Monsters: $.99
    These simple rubber finger monsters are fun any time, but can be a lot of fun up close and personal on Skype.

Round 3: Any Age; Loves Snow; Doesn’t Have Access to Snow
Like it or not, we don’t live in a very snow-friendly climate. So while you’re waiting with baited breath for falling flakes, here are some snow-centric toys to tide you over.


  • “The Three Snow Bears”: $16.99
    Author/illustrator Jan Brett’s classic book puts an Arctic spin on the classic fable of The Three Bears. With beautiful snowy illustrations, you’ll be dreaming of a white Christmas, New Year’s Eve and rest of the year too.
  • Polar Bear Puppet: $22.99
    After reading the book you can act out the story, or any other story for that matter, with this soft, quality polar bear hand puppet.
  • Insta-Snow Tube: $3.99
    No snow? Snow problem! Just add water to the insta-snow powder and make up to two cups of the stuff in the comfort of your home.
  • Melting Snowman Putty: $8.99
    Build up your snowman out of putty, give him a hat, eyes, carrot nose and scarf, and watch him melt before your eyes!
  • Owl Hat: $19.99
    Rule the snowy forest with this cool and unique owl hat, complete with big yellow eyes and soft white plumage.
  • Snowman Marbles: $2.99
    They’re not quite snowballs, but these snowman-themed marbles are a cool addition to your collection.
  • Snowtime Anytime Snowballs (20 pack): $21.99
    They’re not made of ice, but these soft snowballs are the closest you can get without getting your hands cold. Made of soft, durable material they crunch and throw just like the real thing!

Do you have a challenge for Stump the Kazoodlers? Let us know in the comments!


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