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[Stump the Kazoodlers] Snow Days and Skype Play

Welcome back to another thrilling edition of Stump the Kazoodlers! After last week’s inaugural challenge, the Kazoodlers walked away unscathed, ready to tackle a harder shopping challenge. This week our customers up the ante with tough trials that test our toy talent. Will the Kazoodlers rise to the occasion? Or will they finally be stumped?

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[Stump the Kazoodlers] Button Pushers and Non-Girly Girls

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the greatest trial of toy knowledge Vancouver has ever seen! In this corner, wearing tentacle fingers and Shwings, are the Kazoodlers of Kazoodles (ooooo ahhhh applause!). In the other corner, represented by a veritable mountain of toys, is the frustration of not knowing what to buy for the kids in your life (boooo hisssssss). The contest is simple: The Kazoodlers will be given a hypothetical child to shop for and will then pick out a selection of toys they think works best. Ready? Let’s go!

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