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Made in the Good Old USA

The Fourth of July got us looking around the store to see what’s Made in the USA. There’s a lot!

Lauri crepe puzzles, Tall-Stackers and Lacing Shapes. These are classic toddler toys.

Constructive Eating utensils and plates in construction or garden fairy themes that make eating fun! Made in Michigan.

Doodletown wooden vehicles made in Minnesota are the perfect first car for age 1+.

Do-a-Dots are a great way to start kids in art. They work like bingo daubers, keeping the paint confined in a tube. Made in California.


Wikki Stix are another creative gem. These wax-coated strands of yarn can be used to make 2-D or 3-D art. Made in Arizona.

Brick Stix enhance Lego play with stickers you can add to your bricks to create furniture, buildings, and more. Made in Wisconsin.

Marble Racers are cars that light up with an LED light as you play with them. Glow-in-the-dark tracks add to the fun. Made in California.


• What does an electrician do with all the little colored plastic snips that come off the wires? Invent the Find It game! You can search for a whole list of things hidden in each Find It. Made in Washington.

Pajaggle is made in Corvallis, Oregon. This game challenges your brain as you fit different shapes into their holes. It’s harder than it looks!

Uncle Goose makes traditional embossed baby blocks in a lot of different languages. They’re in Michigan.

Beka Blocks are the best unit blocks on the market. And blocks, of course, are the most basic toy and the basis for learning math. We’ve visited their woodshop in Minnesota and can attest that they’re made with love.

Beka blocks

• We’ve also visited Maple Landmark in Vermont, makers of the Name Trains. This company is super eco-friendly.

• Speaking of eco-friendly, what could be more eco-friendly than making toys out of recycled milk jugs? Green Toys does this in California.

3-D Shrinky Dinks are made in Florida. Who remembers coloring on plastic, then shrinking it in the oven? Fun!

• Back in this corner of the country, WoolPets come from Suquamish, Washington. These felting kits let kids (or grownups) make little animals out of wool.


• Another Washington company is Eye Can Art. Seattle art teachers put together everything you need to make amazing art projects, and the kits span ages from 4 to adult.

• When you need to think, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty will help. Get your hands working the putty, which comes in a range of metallic colors, color-changing hues or glow-in-the-darks, and free your mind to think. Made in Pennsylvania by individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, working as a team to develop vocational skills and economic self-sufficiency.

Piggy Paint, a natural nail polish that’s safe for kids, is made in Arkansas.

Flarbles are made in Arkansas, too. Put one between your fingers, snap your fingers, and watch it fly!

Tot Talk placemats come from California. Front and back, they’ll teach your kids while they eat.

Tot Talk

Harrisville potholder looms are not only fun, they make a high quality potholder that’s perfect for gift-giving. We just got in a new larger size loom. Made in Harrisville, New Hampshire.

Rain Baby Gear is handmade right across the river in Portland, Oregon. The water-repellant stroller blankets are perfect for our climate, and the aprons will keep your kids clean.

Tweet Toys in Portland makes handcrafted wooden sailboats and rowboats for fun in the tub, pool or lake.

• Even closer to home are Taylor & Chloe hair clips, made in Camas.

• And just in, handmade right here in Vancouver, are Sleep Shepherd baby dolls, weighted dolls filled with millet and calming herbs.

Sleep Shepherd

Puddle Jumpin’ Cards are blank on the inside for your own greeting, but the fronts are stamped with a hand-carved linocut by our own daughter in Hood River, Oregon.

We are most likely missing some things, but this is what comes to mind right now. We are constantly looking for more Made in the USA items. It’s the ultimate way to shop local.