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Stuff Your Stockings and Save!

How much stuff can you stuff in your stocking before your stocking’s stuffed enough stuff? That’s the question next week for the return of Kazoodles’ annual Stocking Stuffer Sale. Bring your stocking into the store (or borrow one of ours) from Sunday, December 15 to Thursday, December 20 and see how much you can fit inside. Bring it up to the register and you’ll get a whopping 20 percent off everything that fits!

And when we say stocking, we mean your everyday, average-sized stocking. Whether or not Santa actually fills your five-foot sleeping bag with gifts is between him and you. Kazoodles doesn’t play that way.

We have plenty of stocking stuffers to satisfy the whole family, and in case you needed some ideas, here are a few stuffed stockings for inspiration!


Stocking Stuff for Babies
Baby toys and stocking stuffers don’t always go hand-in-hand, what with the choking problem most small, stuffable toys come with. Thankfully there are plenty of great toys out there that are small, safe and most of all fun!

  • Betty Bot: $5.99
    Made of hard, durable plastic, Betty Bot clicks when you move her, just like a real robot! (Right?)
  • First Friends: $8.99
    Close cousins to Betty Bot, First Friends are durable AND adorable.
  • Little Chubbies: $1.99
    These chubby little vehicles are super light-weight and lots of fun for little ones. They can even go in the dish washer!
  • Knit Squeak Easy Animals: $6.99
    These knit cotton animals have squeakers inside for a fun surprise!
  • Wood Ring Shaker Baby Rattle: $6.99
    This all-natural wooden baby rattle is a testament to simplicity. Handcrafted in Oregon.
  • Kid O Owl Wobble: $8.99
    Wobbly toys are classic baby fun, and Kid O’s line of wildlife wobbles are a great pick. Also comes in fox and raccoon.
  • Twin Sun Rattle: $6.99
    This twin-sun rattle produces a fascinating movement that encourages hand-eye coordination.
  • Cardinal Finger Puppet: $8.99
    Put a bird (puppet) on it (your finger)!
  • Kleynimals: $24.99
    Does your infant love your keys? That’s normal. Kleynimals, made of stainless steel, offer a better alternative.
  • Tommy Toot: $6.99
    It’s a man! It’s a whistle! No, it’s Tommy Toot!


Grownups Need Stocking Stuff Too
Since when do kids get to have all the fun? Adults love stockings just as much as kids, so don’t leave your bigger loved ones out!

  • Ha! Ha! Moustache: $6.99
    Guess the moustache! This fun card game comes in Living People, Dead People and Awful People editions.
  • Joe Name It: $10.99
    Joe Name It combines trivia and numbers for plenty of party fun.
  • Classic Slinky: $5.99
    What more can be said about the classic metal slinky? It’s a must-have for anyone, anywhere, of any age, period.
  • Rulers of the World: $1.99
    Learn about the rulers of football, modern art, wine and more! Conveniently located on a sturdy wooden ruler.
  • LCR $8.99
    LCR, or Left Center Right, is a cutthroat game with special dice and the betting medium of your choice.
  • Kazoo: $2.49
    How can the Kazoodlers not include a kazoo? Musical fun or total annoyance: you decide!
  • Jaw Harp: $5.99
    The jaw harp is unique, interesting and bound to amaze your musically-inclined family and friends.
  • Wooden Slide Whistle: $3.99
    One of the most underrated instruments, the slide whistle has surprising range. Don’t underestimate the whistle!
  • Aloe Alin: $3.99
    Grownups LOVE aloe. Pot this aloe now and have a full-grown plant by summer — when you’ll really need it.
  • Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty: $11.99
    Whether you’re at the office or sitting at home, thinking putty comes in handy to relieve stress or get the mind working.


Stocking Stuffers for Sensory Needs
Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder often have different stocking stuffer needs. Fortunately, we’re well stocked to help!

  • Pop Toob: $1.49
    They bend! They expand! They make weird noises that will fascinate and captivate you for hours!
  • What’Zit: $3.99
    What’Zits are simple wooden blocks, connected by elastic. Twist them turn them, shape them however you want!
  • Sand Animals: $2.99
    Filled with sand and shaped like your favorite critters, Sand Animals are nice on the fingers and nice on the eyes.
  • Posh Ball Mini: $5.99
    Posh balls are covered in thin, soft elastic bristles. They feel fun on the skin and are safe to toss around too.
  • Dinosaur Squishables: $4.99
    I don’t know what exactly is in these dinos, but it makes for tons of squishy fun.
  • Smencils: $1.59
    Your writing never smelled so good! These colored pencils are scented with a wide variety of smells, from blueberry to black licorice.
  • Minesweep Lightup Ball: $2.99
    Squeeze it or bounce it and watch it light up! The minesweep ball is great visual and physical stimuli.
  • Zoo Putty: $3.49
    A zoo animal encased in squishy stuff, Zoo Putty is an adventure in a jar!
  • Wacky Tracks: $4.99 Wacky Tracks is a simple plastic chain that bends and holds, allowing kids to shape it however they want.